Resources for homeless pets

Homeless man with dog. Photographer Veronica Henri

In my work in Toronto homeless shelters I’ve had the chance to put together a resource list for homeless pets, including free pet food, veterinary care, and fostering services for people fleeing domestic violence. The last one is particularly important, as evidence shows that violent abusers often use threats against pets as a method of threatening or preventing those who are abused from leaving the relationship. These resources are specific to Toronto, but check out the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association site for information on SafePet programs throughout Ontario.

Services for Poor and Homeless Pets

A quick update on bed bug maps

An observant reader noted that the bed bug maps for the years 2009-2011 were corrupted. I’ve fixed this and they should download correctly now. I’ve also added a legend explaining what the colours specifically represent and that each area noted is taken from the first three figures of the Canada Postal Code of the reporting individual, which is how the data was given to me by Toronto Public Health. Folks might also be interested to know that I am currently in the process of updating the maps and should have something to report soon.