Bedbugs in Toronto
These maps show the number of requests for service and inquiries (RFSI) made to Toronto Public Health, according to Postal Service Area, regarding bed bugs from 2009 to 2012. Absent more specific information, they are a fair representation of the spread and density of bed bugs in Toronto. The inspiration for this project lies in Patrick Cain‘s report on the same topic.

Reports of bedbugs to Toronto Public Health in 2012
Reports of bedbugs to Toronto Public Health in 2011
Reports of bedbugs to Toronto Public Health in 2010
Reports of bedbugs to Toronto Public Health in 2009

Legend for maps
White (0 RFSI)
Light yellow (1-10 RFSI)
Yellow (10-20 RFSI)
Light orange (20-40 RFSI)
Orange (40-80 RFSI)
Red (80-110 RFSI)

Gay, Bi, and Queer Trans Men Sexual Health and HIV/STI Risk
This powerpoint was presented at the USPATH Conference in Los Angeles, California in February 2017. It presents and summarizes what is known about HIV and STI risk among transmen.
Phalloplasty: 1980-2012 (w/ Francois Grenier)
There are many popular misconceptions about phalloplasty; for example, that it is largely unsuccessful from cosmetic and functional standpoints. Our review, however, shows that 95% of transsexual men are able to stand-to-void following phalloplasty with urethroplasty, and a remarkably high rate of satisfaction cosmetically and generally. Other results were unsurprising. Like that forearm flaps are used in 76% of all phalloplasties.

Number of Men with Erectile Implants Post Phalloplasty
Most Common Complications
Ability to Void While Standing
Popularity of Phalloplasty Techniques
Satisfaction with Phalloplasty
Is It Worth It? What Trans Healthcare Providers Should Know About Phalloplasty




Academic Articles

Size and Distribution of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Populations: A Narrative Review
Endocrinology & Metabolism Clinics
Michael Goodman, Noah Adams, Trevor Corneil, Baudewijntje Kreukels, Joz Motmans, & Eli Coleman

Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors Among Transgender Adults in Relation to Education, Ethnicity, and Income: A Systematic Review
Transgender Health
Noah Adams, & Ben Vincent

Sex and Distribution of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Populations: A Narrative Review
Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinics of North America
Michael Goodman, Noah Adams, Trevor Corneil, Baudewijntje Kreukels, Joz Motmans, & Eli Coleman

Exploring Cross-sectional Predictors of Suicide Ideation, Attempt, and Risk in a Large Online Sample of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Youth and Young Adults
LGBT Health
Laura E. Kuper, Noah Adams, & Brian S. Mustanski

Guidance and Ethical Considerations for Undertaking Transgender Health Research and Institutional Review Boards Adjudicating this Research
Transgender Health
Noah Adams, Ruth Pearce, Jaimie Veale, Asa Radix, Danielle Castro, Amrita Sarkar & Kai Cheng Thom

Varied Reports of Adult Transgender Suicidality: Synthesizing and Describing Peer-Reviewed and Gray Literature
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Language and Trans Health
International Journal of Transgenderism
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Finding Order in Chaos: Accounting for Variation in Estimates of Suicidality Among Transgender Adults
Dalhousie University, MSW Thesis
Noah Adams

Books and Book Chapters

Trans and Autistic: Stories from Life at the Intersection
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Noah Adams & Bridget Liang

News Articles

Transgender Advocate
Noah Adams

Health Canada Blocks Phalloplasty Implants
Noah Adams

Unethical Trans Doc Exposed
Transgender Advocate
Noah Adams

Resources for autistic trans folks

This handout has been provided at several conferences and consists of a list of resources for autistic folks who are also on the transgender spectrum. It is updated yearly, following the Philadelphia Transgender Wellness Conference (PTWC). The how-to video demonstrates how I made the fidget spinners that were handed out at the 2017 neuro/trans discussion group at PTWC. I’d like to give a big hand to Bike Pirates and Bike Sauce in Toronto, who provided the parts.

Neurotrans handout
How to Make a Fidget Spinner

Resources for homeless and poor pets
This list is of free and cheap pet resources throughout the city, including pet food, veterinary care and foster services for people fleeing domestic violence.